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Our Fundamentals & Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Fundamentals & Values are the foundation of our organization and guide our thinking, actions, decisions, responses, and priorities.


We consistently uphold honesty, genuineness, and authentic respect for people, cultures, and the communities that they make up.  We keep our agreements reliably. And endeavor to make sure our actions match our words. We cherish the challenge of doing the right thing in all circumstances. Our highest ideal would be to invoke harmlessness with all we do and one day hope this is our reality until then we give excellence to whatever we undertake.


Community helps us work and live together peacefully. With a community we accomplish more together than any of us could alone. We believe in working with and being of service to the many communities with whom we work,  while still valuing the specialness of each person and recognizing their individual gifts and what they bring to the community.


We believe at the heart of collaboration is cooperating individuals working together for the good of all. We seek common goals in service of a unified vision. Blending our gifts and capabilities to create something none of us could achieve alone is essential to increase the impact of our collective work.


Creativity is imagination. We believe dynamic, imaginative thinking paired with action generates resourceful and intuitive solutions. Creativity allows us to bring new things into the world. We value the time, space, and freedom that allows creativity to bloom.


We challenge ourselves individually and organizationally striving to be our best through consciously discerning our intentions and mindfully focusing on it – striving to be our best through consciously taking risks. We set goals and achieve them step by step resisting distractions. We give each task mindful concentration and excellence. We invest our full enthusiasm into even the simplest job. In the spirit of innovation, we commit to pushing the boundaries of not just what is doable, but what is possible. We look for the opportunities in every expereince. 


We believe in expressing and celebrating joy, nurturing it in others and ourselves.  The main part of our mission is to enhance the richness of life’s experiences by preparing, inspiring, informing, and entertaining people to live consciousness. We endeavor to approach our work from a place of joyfulness, holding that as one of the greatest possibilities in life.

Holistic Approach

We value the fullness of a personʼs being, believing the whole self-encompasses the emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological aspect of health and well being. We strive to activate and maintain conscious living and offer products, services and create content that aligns with wholeness approach to living an Awake & Aware lifestyle.


We acknowledge the personal power of individuals and groups and foster an attitude of honoring ourselves and others as people of value. We care for each person’s dignity. We facilitate learning and create opportunities and connections that allow individuals and groups to identify what is most helpful to them, overcome obstacles, empower themselves, using their own personal power and abilities.


We question the ways we have become accustomed to operating—continually striving to improve our organization and our movement. We endeavor to keep our activities and ideas current, ever aligned with the evolving needs of the individuals and communities we serve. We promote forward thinking and inventive, unique action in our work to enhance living a conscious lifestyle.  Our integrated approach increases our creativity and strengthens our impact. We set high expectations for each other and ourselves in order to honor those we are committed to serving. Through innovation and the testing of new ideas, we establish and promote standards of excellence in all that we do.


We work cooperatively in the effort to to be the most esteemed consciousness lifestyle brand. We honor the history and achievements of those who have come before us by supporting and affirming the work of existing companies, brands, and organizations. We strive to co-create content, entertainment, information, and products that are vibrationally aligned with living consciously. We engage partners from both vertical and non-vertical industries with the conviction that conscious living is at the forefront.


We strive to create an environment that clearly defines our practices and fosters a free exchange of ideas.  We commit to open and clear communication that promotes sincere honest interactions. We see providing and receiving feedback—both positive and constructive—as an invaluable practice. We share information in order to facilitate collaboration and accountability. We agree to actively work toward the timely resolution of any conflict, misunderstanding or misperception, or choose to let it go. We welcome different perspectives, believing that variety in our experiences, backgrounds, approaches, and opinions enriches all of us and all we do.

Mindful Conduct

We strive to bring a sense of presence to our work that is rooted in self-awareness, reflection, and balance. We challenge ourselves to act respectfully, thoughtfully and consciously. In our interactions with one another and those we serve we commit to engaging with curiosity and deep listening, practicing loving kindness and intentionality. We assume well about each other, focusing on the positive and putting our energies into constructive behavior.


We seek to continually expand our worldview by deepening our sense of gratitude. We recognize that being thankful is fundamental to health and well being. We, therefore, commit to practicing gratitude, striving to convey appreciation of ourselves, each other, our communities and those we serve. As we endeavor to not take things for granted, we embrace our work with wonder and optimism, knowing that this fosters gratitude.

Inspired by the Virtues Project